Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015 - I Remember Love

I remember love back when it was simple, when I was younger and the whole world was brand new.  I remember before there were commitments and promises and words to be kept and lived by.  I remember before there was obligation, things I must do and things you must do.  There was a time before societal pressures and fears and wondering what the neighbors would think.

I remember simpler days.

I remember love back before it was necessary to love in order to satisfy living arrangements.  I remember how love was before there was fear.  I remember when there were no expectations of who would do what and when.  I remember days that were easy and natural and simple.  This was before the hard times and the perilous journey onward into becoming human.  It was before the competition had begun and the score was being kept.

I remember when there was nothing in the way.  No rivals, no conquests, and nothing to measure.  I remember when the sun was warm, the rain was wet, and the snow was cold, and all of these experiences were pure and unadulterated and exploding before our eyes.  And each passing moment of every day was a miracle to behold as the world unfolded its brilliance and rolled in ecstasy before us.

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