Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015 - In Our Image

It is not enough for us that we simply live and breathe.  We are animals, but we are more than animals.  We are creators.  We fashion things with our hands to reflect our thoughts, our feelings, our concepts.  We take objects and mold them and make them speak for us.  We make them into images of our ideas of ourself.  Paint, clay, snow--it doesn’t matter what--we take it and make it into an object.  We are unique among the animals in that way.  No other creature does this.

Some of us can fashion things that are so lifelike, it takes the breath away.  Others of us have much cruder skills, but we still fashion things.  We make images of animals and fish, birds and plants, people and even aliens--ideas of what we think aliens might look like.  It doesn’t matter what:  we fashion it.  We make it feverishly because we cannot stop.  We are creators because we know no other thing.

We are imitators because we are imitations.  We make what we are.  An imitation is a reflection, a likeness, of something actual.  But we are not that “first thing.”  We are not the actual thing.  We are the likeness of it, the image in the water, the reflection.  The shadow cannot do anything that the body does not do, and the light behind the body knows this to be true.  We are the fashioned things of the fashioner.

From the hands of the sculptor.

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