Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015 - The Last Day

The dead trees are occupying more and more of my thought, lately.  I have even dreamed of them.  It seems everywhere I go, I see more and more of them.  Tomorrow will be the first day of spring, and these trees know it.  In the winter, all trees appear dead, but of course, we know they are not.  In the winter, we cannot easily tell the living from the dead, and the dead trees quietly join the dance.  But soon the living trees will take over the landscape, and the dead skeletons will slink back into the forest, unnoticed.  In the winter, the dead trees can pretend they are part of the living again.  In the summer, they are cast out and cannot come back from the great divide.

Then the perfume of spring will waft down upon us like a sweet-scented opium cloud, and all memory of the dead trees will leave our minds.  We will forget them because the Sun King has returned at last with his entourage of knights all draped in brilliant silks.  The musicians will play their haunting melodies, and we will become intoxicated once again with the fruits of the land.  How easily we forget.

Back into the shadows, then, they creep.  Sunlight is their destroyer.  They will bide their time until the wheel of the year turns for them again.  And it always does.  It is the way of things.

The last day for the dead trees.

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