Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015 - The Wheel

With eight equal sections, the wheel of the year keeps spinning and spinning, rolling through our lives.  Two equal-armed crosses with one center rose are enclosed in the circle.  Each cross holds four sections, and these sections overlap one another.  Twelve spikes, one hidden in the platform, mark the outer boundary.  These numbers are known everywhere and have always been sacred.

The thing to remember is that circles do not operate on a linear scale as our minds do.  They do not go forward or backward, but instead revolve.  The beginning does not lead to the end, but back to the beginning again, so that everything starts and finishes at the same time.  And the center stays in one spot, while all of its constituents revolve around it.  Yet the circle moves as well, taking everything orbiting with it.

We see this pattern again and again.  We see it in our own sun and its planets.  We see it in the atomic world, where the electrons spin around the nucleus.  In our own hearts, we see everything revolving around the core, the hidden one, the one we keep secret even from ourselves.  We should remember the wheel.  We should learn from it.

The wheel of the year.

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