Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015 - The Sap Is Running

Today is “Maple Syrup Sunday” in Maine.  It’s a big celebration of the first harvest--the sugar harvest.  There’s singing and dancing and food and, of course, maple syrup.  People from away might not even know it was taking place.  Everything looks the same as it always does in a spring that still looks like winter, and since the temperature was only 14 degrees today, it’s easy to miss the signs.

But if you ask the animals, they’ll tell you that the sap is running.  Somehow, they know.  I’ve always wondered if they can hear it running through the trees.  I think they can.  I think they hear the swoosh of it through the trunks, and they know that sound means warmer weather is on its way along with abundant pastures.  Their spirits really start to pick up around this time.  It’s not that they’re “down” in the wintertime like many humans are, but when the sap runs, the animals start going just a little crazy.  They get antsy and quite comical at times, sneaking out of their stalls and pens whenever they get the chance.  You can see it in the way they walk that they know winter is over, and if you look closely, I swear you’ll see them smile.

I should have known.  A calendar on the wall means nothing.  A news report is just babble.  Spring comes when the Earth says it’s spring and not a moment sooner.  And once the Earth does say it’s spring, look out!  Everything happens at once.  I hope you’re prepared.

The animals know the sap is running.

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