Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016 - Sunless Days

Some days I’m not really sure where the sky ends and the water begins, and even if I know, I’m not sure it matters.  The world is one big canvas of grey, and the trees haven’t leafed out yet, so it almost feels like another realm, a shadow world.  Staring out into the ocean, it’s easy to get lost in thoughts.

The sun is completely hidden.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was banished.  Maybe I don’t know better and it has been banished.  It’s not hidden behind a cloud that seems somewhat lighter while the rest of them are dark and forbidding.  It’s not struggling to break through layers and layers of mist.  There’s not a tiny patch of it shimmering through momentarily here and there.  You couldn’t point up to the sky and say, “There it is!  There!  I see it behind that mass of clouds!”

In between.
You couldn’t find its location anywhere no matter how long you stared at the sky.  It simply isn’t there.  It’s gone.  Where it has gone is anyone’s guess, but I do think that the struggle between the Sun King and the Lord of Winter is much more complex than we realize.  Each has his particular strength at his particular time, but there are strange things that happen in the ether on a day like this, and you can feel it.  Alliances are made and broken and made again, and sometimes barriers can be crossed when they shouldn’t.

What lights up the world when the sun is gone?  What makes that strange, grey, all-permeating glow up in the sky?  The one that seems almost fake, like turning on a fluorescent light?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t have the same energy as the sun.  Surely the sun, as powerful as it is, could still slip its energy to us through the thickest of clouds.  But on a day like this, the dial is set to zero.  The sun has been turned off.

But there are other things I can feel out there on a day like this, strange and odd energies.  They’re a part of us, though; we just don’t like to acknowledge them.  We can’t always bask in the light.  There is darkness, too, but most especially that great and yawning stretch of grey where anything is possible.  You can almost see shimmering here and there, on the edges, where the veil has worn thin, where the “field” is not as solid.

Be careful going there.  Things are not always what they seem.  Alliances are made to be broken, and sirens abound.  Then again, that might be just what is needed.  The balance requires embracing the opposite.

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