Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016 - Sanctuary

Relax peacefully in a sanctuary, wherever that sanctuary may be.  Our society tells us we must have riches to enjoy the beauty of the world, but that is a lie.  It goes something like this:  If only you had enough money, you could buy this, go here, and have the time for that.  Just work a little harder, a little longer.

Now, I am all for hard work and being rewarded by the fruits of our labor.  I’m all for pulling our own weight in the world.  But I’m talking about something else here.  I’m talking about the people who sell a lie, who dangle a carrot on the end of a stick but who never pay up because they haven’t got it in the first place.

It comes from within.
Not one red cent is needed to enjoy your sanctuary, your peace.  Watching the sun go down--whether it’s over the ocean, over a mountain, or over the house next door--is free.  Listening to relaxing music is free.  Walking along a riverfront is free.  Inhaling the early morning air is free.

And for those living in tight quarters or crowded cities or dangerous places, a sanctuary can always be created indoors.  Create it throughout the house/apartment or create it in just one room.  Add the elements:  A candle for the sun, a small waterfall piece for the ocean, incense for the air, and a plant for the earth.  Add the music you like and dress in a way that makes you feel that it’s your world.

Do I sound like an advertisement?  I hope not.  It’s just that a breathtaking scene is not always available, and while computer images of nature scenes are wonderful, sometimes they’re just not enough.  But it doesn’t matter because sanctuary comes from within, not without.  There are plenty of wealthy people in the world and plenty among them are miserable.  Riches do not guarantee peace and a sanctuary.  That is something you must build yourself.

It can be different for everyone:  Fishing on a quiet lake, hot apple pie fresh out of the oven, a garden full of flowers, Gregorian chants in the background, a walk through a history museum . . .  It’s sanctuary, and it’s virtually free or very inexpensive.  And it starts with you, with your peace, your love, and your heart.

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