Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22, 2016 - Embrace

As this tree slowly falls over, its roots, which long ago surrounded a boulder, now pull it up with the tree.  The boulder is larger than me, to give an idea of how big and heavy it truly is and how intimate the relationship is between the roots and the rock.  It was meant to be a “forever embrace,” and the tree is honoring its promise.  Eventually, of course, the tree will decay and the boulder will be released, but that is still “forever” to the tree.

A forever embrace.
It is a relationship they started a long time ago.  The rock will live forever, at least what is considered “forever” to human beings, and that’s forever enough.  It’s not easy to be the survivor.  Living long has its trials, too, of which the dead know nothing.  An embrace such as this doesn’t happen every day.  It is an eternal promise.  When these two friends part, it will be the survivor who dies.

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