Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - A Secret Fairy Fort

I had heard about this, of course, but I thought it was just a rumor.  There were whispers long ago of fairy training barracks, but I always thought they were just gossip.  Today I set out on a quest to prove for once and for all that this place did not exist.  Not long into my journey, though, I knew something was amiss.  There were traps set everywhere.  A seemingly small puddle at the bottom of the ridge went knee deep when I stepped into it by accident.  Freezing mud and water engulfed half my leg, and when I tried to pull myself free with the other foot, it suffered the same fate.  Eventually, I got free.  After many branches and twigs thrashed against my face from all directions, I found the elusive entrance to the underground camp.  The melting snows had torn the tree and leaves away that hid this place entirely in the warmer months.

Finally.  So the stories are true after all.  The question now is how I will ever be able to prove this to anyone else?

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