Monday, March 31, 2014

Bewitched Tree

I almost missed this.  There are many fallen trees in a deciduous-forest-in-the-making.  The soil just along the coast of Maine is quite shallow and it all sits on craggy rock ledge.  Over many years, vegetation has decomposed and built this newborn soil.  The problem is that it is not very deep, so when trees begin to grow, they often topple over in icy weather or severe rains because they do not have enough stability.  Therefore, when I see a fallen tree, I do not not think much of it.  Can you spot the difference here?  This is no ordinary fallen tree.  If you look closely, you can see that it has fallen UP the hill and not down.  Trees do not normally fall upward, and so I knew I was looking at an enchantment.  Was it one of the distractions placed deliberately in the way when I was looking for the fairy barracks, or does it serve some other purpose?  I will check again in the Fall.  If mushrooms grow there, I will have to consider whether or not this is a fairy portal.  I am getting better at spotting their tricks.

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