Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017 - On Being a Seed, Part V

[This is Part V of “On Being a Seed.”  Click Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV for the prior episodes.]

Once touched by the King, you are never the same again.  It is not something I can adequately put into words.  Only those who wear the green ribbon can commune with the King.  The other members of the land of liquid gold—those who moved on two or four legs, the jealous ones—cannot commune with Him.  They can talk to Him, they can sit with Him, and they can delight in Him.  But they cannot commune with Him.  That is for the wearers of the green ribbon, only.

The green ribbon.
It is as if your outward covering, your skin, is completely porous, but the only thing that can enter is the King.  The water dancer tries her best to do so.  The gentle breezes nudge and push.  The delicious earth hugs and squeezes.  Yet none can enter but the King.  It is a true communion.  The liquid gold enters in an eternal embrace, and a feeling of absolute power ensues.  It is a reaching out to the ends of the universe and beyond, but as I said, it is not something I can adequately put into words.

It is a direct transference of power and energy, and while it is happening, the entire universe is at your command.  Then the King leaves without warning, and the world seems black, indeed.  Gone is the universe in the palm of your hand, like a fleeting dream, a wisp of spirit.  The memory of ultimate power fades almost instantly, an unsure fantasy.

So I took the gold the King gave me and I hid it in tiny places where I hoped he would never see.  Tiny fractions of energy and power, they were, and I took them and greedily hid them.  I was energized by them, entranced by them, empowered by them.  I used them to grow exponentially.  My body ripped and tore itself as it grew rapidly upward toward the realm of the King.  It was my intention to enter His palace and claim Him for my own, so I did not care when my skin was stretched and ripped and twisted.  I laughed at the pain because I knew that it brought me that much closer to Him.

But there were things in this new world that were not as kind as the King.  The two-leggeds and the four-leggeds were terrible, indeed.  They would often destroy many of my green-ribboned brethren, and I feared they would destroy me as well.  But they did not.  The King protected me, I told myself.

Just as I ate incessantly in the Underworld on my way to the land of liquid gold, so too did these terrible creatures eat of the green-ribboned brethren.  I decided it was a jealousy they had because they could not commune with the King directly.  In order to receive the King’s power, they had to consume those of us who did commune with the King.  The King loved them, but He did not share Himself with them.  He shared Himself only with the green-ribboned brethren, and so the creatures came and stole His gold.  But like water in their fingers, it would eventually drip out completely and they would have to steal more.

So far I had managed to avoid them.  I heard some of the other green-ribboned brethren talking, and they said that we were completely immobile because of our unique relationship with the King.  Some said it was so that He could always easily find us.  Others said it was a punishment for storing his power deep within.  (Yes, they were doing it, too!)  Still others said it was a gift to the two-leggeds and four-leggeds from the King Himself.

I didn’t care what the reason was.  I hated the creatures and the fact that I was immobile and they were not.  I watched in rapt fascination and horror as they consumed many of the green-ribboned brethren.  Did they know—did they see—the tiny flashes of liquid gold in their mouths as they consumed?  I could see them all like flashes of lightning, and it frightened me to the core.  I did not want to lose even one tiny bit of my secret liquid gold.

But the nature of this bizarre world was inescapable.  It happened one day as I was growing strong and tall and sure.  I felt a breach in my energy field.  Something was taking my gold.  I looked down and saw a yellow and black and white striped creature with black antennas sitting comfortably on one of my beautiful green leaves.  And she was voraciously eating my beautiful green leaf.  Every bite she took was so very painful.

“Stop that!” I yelled at her, but she only laughed.

“Stop, I say!”

“I will not,” was all she said.  Then she smiled and kept eating.

Tiny bits of liquid gold poured out of me with every agonizing bite, and she hungrily devoured them all.  She was a thief of the worst kind.  But then, we all were, weren’t we?

[Click here for Part VI.]

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