Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016 - The Word

What sets us apart from the animals is our thoughts, I think.  I have always believed this, but there is a missing piece.  What good does it do us or any other creature to have thoughts without being able to share them?  A thought that cannot be expressed (if desired) is a closed circuit.  The voltage may circulate perfectly when applied, and that certainly indicates safety, but that’s now how life works.  Life is governed by the Law of Growth, and no man may escape it on any plane.  But something more was needed for the separation of man from the animals.

A catalyst.

And then came the Word.  The thought—ethereal, invisible, weightless—becomes clothed.  Now the power that was once in the closed circuit receives a garment that wraps around it and creates a form, still ethereal but with a measurable existence.  Words are the clothing of thoughts.  They define and explain and express thoughts.  With the word, the closed circuit is broken.  What existed on a spiritual plane only now arrives on the physical plane, although its nature is still transient.

The next layer added is sound.  And now the thought has motion through the word, which sails on the waves of sound.  It can travel on these waves, which we cannot see, but make no mistake that they are there and very real.  The waves carry the now clothed thought.  This new added dimension can garner attention from others, and with sound the thought can travel from one mind to another.  The more minds the thought can reach, the more places on the spiritual plane it can inhabit simultaneously.  Never believe that something cannot be in more than one place at the same time.  The energy I’m talking about is not limited by the physical plane.

Yet another layer is added, that of the word being written.  Now the thought has become concrete.  It has solid form that exists on paper or screen or rock, etc.  The once invisible thing of which only one mind could conceive now has physical form.  Now it can travel over great distances—across the globe electronically or carried in the pocket of a traveler.  We now have the first true solidity—from nothing, something.  Now more minds can be reached, and the spiritual plane of the thought grows exponentially.  The more minds that contain the thought, the more powerful it becomes.

And finally, if it was the original goal of the thought in the first place, the written and spoken word takes a further concrete form.  The idea, the description, the discussion is fashioned and takes on a physical existence of its own, subject completely now to the physical plane.  There is not one thing in the world of man—not one thing—that exists which was not first a thought in the mind of someone.  Whether it is a tool or an article of clothing or a building or a car, it first had its origin in the invisible unmanifest.  Everything first had to be conceived in a realm completely separate from the physical world.

It is in this way that the origin of everything first occurs on a nonphysical (spiritual, if you will) plane.  Without a spiritual beginning, there can be no physical.  This, then, shows the importance of the Word—and this astronomical importance cannot be overstated.  It is the Word and man’s ability to harness it that transforms man from an animal into a Creator with abilities that mimic his own Creator but on a lower level, the difference being one of degree only.

It is how the unmanifest becomes manifest.  That man himself was at one point just a thought in the mind of the Great Alchemist should be evident.  There is nothing in the whole of creation that was not first a thought.  Out of nothing, something--on Earth as it is in heaven.

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