Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 - The Transformers

The transformers are busy now, working nonstop and furiously.  They reach their arms out toward the Sun in a fiery embrace that might burn more delicate characters, such as yours and mine.  We certainly couldn’t fly into that flame, and yet the grasses and the weeds and other plants do it almost offhandedly.  For as mighty as we might imagine ourselves to be, we cannot approach the ultimate source of power in this solar system but must receive its blessings secondarily.

The transformers hard at work.

It is the transformers that have the honor of meeting with the King.  They dance a secret dance we cannot know about, with music we cannot hear and caresses we dare not even think of.  To think of such things would be death to our kind.  Surely, we would burn.  No, we cannot take in the fiery energy of the Sun.  We cannot transform it from active energy back into passive, potential energy.  We cannot store the source of life the way they can.

But we can steal it, and steal it, we do.  We must approach the great fire in the sky through the transformers.  It is through them—through the consumption of them—that we may partake of life’s energy.  Yet we have our own gift.  We know how to open the secret box where the transformers hide the energy.  We know how to release the power and burn it up.  We know how to use the energy of the Sun to sustain our own bodies.  We know how to manifest potentiality into actuality.

The animals know this, too.  They also cannot have an intimate relationship with the Sun God as the transformers do.  Like us, they must steal the energy after it has been transformed and then unlock it, making it into something they can use, something they can be.  But they complicate the cycle.  Through them, we are introduced to yet another stored form of the King, now twice removed.  The passageways are different, but the prize is the same.  We know how to unlock their secret box as well, freeing the energy for ourselves, continuing life.

Can you see the magic?
The Sun is the ultimate source of power in this solar system, and it powers everything.  Absolutely everything.  There is nothing living in this world that has not in one way or another learned how to incorporate this power.  We are stardust, after all, just branches on a golden tree.  The Great Alchemist is unconcerned with the ingredients, as all roads lead to the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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