Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, 2016 - Standing


While everything was silent and still
And I had surrendered
Because I was weak
One lone tree stood in salute
Not guarding
There were no guards left
We were defeated
We knew it
And He knew it
But still the tree stood in salute
I thought it would be cut down
For insolence
For arrogance
For defiance
But He seemed not to notice
It was a ruse
He knew
But He hoped we did not
So there it stood
In loyalty
In duty
In secret knowledge
It was just enough
Just barely
But then I stood, too
If I stayed down
It would be my own choice
If I stood
That, too, would be my own choice
If I were cut down
That would not change my choice
And He knew it.

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