Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016 - Hungry

Better to be hungry and searching than sated and bored.  I would much rather be waiting and planning, filled with ambition and longing, than languishing in the aftermath of overindulgence, in careless disregard, devoid of desire.  A certain hunger is necessary to live a profitable and good life.  A certain need or want or lack produces a burning desire, and a burning desire creates ambition, success, and attainment.

It's a delicate walk.

And when a goal is reached, as long as attainment is not dwelt upon overmuch, the ambition and drive will remain.  But if attainment is overindulged in, it becomes gluttony, and gluttony produces nothing but more gluttony.  To the glutton, there is never enough.  More will always be necessary, and the more that he gets, the poorer the glutton becomes.

It’s a long walk on a narrow pier, and jumping off in either direction will surely cause drowning.  Err on the hungry side, then, walking just along the border if possible, dangling your toes in prudence and never in gluttony.  A goal, even one that is not reached, is better than apathy and mediocrity.  Surely, enough is too much.

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